Eliza is a magic demon. I couldn’t have gotten through this project without her.
— Foram Nyberg, Creative, Zeus Jones
Eliza is consistently our first call for any project that requires strong content strategy and content development. She is a pleasure to work with. Extremely personable but highly professional, and she will ask great questions to get at the heart of where the project needs to go. She is a sure thing that will over-deliver on any expectations you set.
— Jackie Nelsen, Director of Accounts, Olive & Co.
Eliza is an incredible person to work with. She’s quick, efficient and flexible — all huge assets when it comes working with my organization. Eliza is also a great interviewer. Not only that, she’s connected us with a number of other people to work or volunteer with us. I am so grateful that Eliza puts up with us and I look forward to working with her for a long time!
— Danae Hudson, Communications Manager, YouthLink
Eliza is a content wizard. Creative, fast, organized, detail-oriented, and collaborative. She’s quick to put processes in place that lead to more efficient workflows, stronger creative, and better strategic outcomes. Her spot-on content and great teamwork make every project a success. She’s an asset to any team.
— Leah Gauquie, Designer, Little & Co.
Eliza is driven by the desire to connect brands with their audience. Her vast knowledge and expertise of content as a tool show through in her strategic recommendations. This translates into copy that elevates the brand and engages the recipient.

Her ability to quickly jump between different industries, tones and platforms makes her crucial to a successful marketing team. As a designer, I have sincerely appreciated the partnership she brings to the table. Eliza presents a definite point of view but always approaches her work with a sense of collaboration and teamwork.
— Jessie Reagan, Sr. Art Director at Target
Eliza is a brilliant content strategist who knows how to shape key messages and turn them into great copy. She has a knack for getting into the mindset of clients and audiences alike.

And, Eliza is a pleasure to work with. She’s a strong contributor who knows how to work well with a team. She makes even the toughest projects fun to work together on. Most importantly, Eliza is a kind, witty and generous individual - which makes working with her even that much better
— Emily Cornell, Management Supervisor at FAME Retail
[Eliza] is adept at writing excellent copy while incorporating the requisite keywords on all pages. In client meetings she is professional, astute and has very good energy.

Eliza works well in a team situation and can also manage her time well and prioritize projects.

I would work with Eliza again on website projects in a heartbeat.
— Sarah Bernier Danks, Co-Owner/Digital Strategist at ThinkSEM Consulting, LLC
Eliza has a distinct ability to provide sharp creativity with on-point messaging, delivering both strategy and imagination in her written work and marketing campaigns. A gift to any workplace, Eliza is bright, personable, engaging and collaborative. She brings insight, talent and dedication to any project, whether working independently or as part of a team.
— Robin Morgan Scherrer, Public Relations Account Director at Linnihan Foy Advertising
I had the great fortune to work with Eliza for two years at Linnihan Foy Advertising. Eliza is an exceptional writer and proofreader with the versatility to reach any audience. Whether writing for her own blog or for a multitude of clients in vastly different industries, Eliza has the ability to capture the perfect voice for the project at hand.

Her professionalism, intellect and winning personality make her a joy to work with as a colleague. Her ability to think on her feet and manage numerous projects for multiple clients with ease makes her an instant asset to any organization.

Eliza brings a wealth of creativity, strategy and insight to every project.
— Erin Chipman, PR Consultant/Freelance Writer
Eliza is a fantastic writer and takes great pride in her work. Her dedication to professionalism and quality is truly remarkable. She is able to handle multiple projects with ease and pays attention to every detail.
— Dennis Brekke, Interactive Creative Director
Simply put, Eliza is an amazing copywriter/editor and the best I’ve worked with. I’m confident in saying that there isn’t a marketing communications endeavor that wouldn’t be exponentially better with her on board. She was always professional, thoughtful and positive. I absolutely loved having her as a colleague, and anyone who works with her will ultimately say the same thing.
— Matt King, Sr. Digital Communications at Presto